24/05/2023 0
Shad Mayfield and Cody Ohl square off in June match roping

PRCA past and present are coming together for a roping event to benefit Shad Mayfield's longtime friend Corey Carrington, who is paralyzed on his right side due to spinal stenosis.

Mayfield, the 2020 world champion, will square off against 20-time NFR qualifier and six-time world champion Cody Wohl.

The idea came when Mayfield was working with Wohl to develop his rope before WCRA's Rodeo Corpus Christi. Mayfield asked Wohl, who combined roping in two matches and collected $50,000 in them, when his next benefit would be and if he would consider holding it for Carrington.

"I didn't know (Cory) very well, but sitting there watching him as (Shad's) right-hand man, I had a driver like that and it means the world when you're on the road and you're away from your family," Wohl said. "I I was able to think about this phenomenon and was like man, we own the stage here... So, I said, 'If you want to make this thing bigger, how about you and I get together.'"

Part of Wohl's motivation to rope against Mayfield was that he could never match up with Joe Beaver when he was coming up and Beaver was getting out.

Win, lose or draw, this will be the final time Wohl ropes competitively, and while making it through the event without tearing anything is a priority for him, he also wants to win badly. Any time he competes, the blood still gets pumping.

"I could feel the hair on my arms stand up," he said.

The match will be eight-headed and hosted at Mayfield's property in Hico, Texas, on Sunday, June 11. There were also 19 open and tie-down and breakaway events.